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An older employee is terminated during a reduction in force instead of a younger, less qualified employee

  • Helen Stewart v. Cadna Rubber Company (2014) Employee Helen Stewart was a sixty-two year old warehouse worker who had worked for Cadna Rubber Company for over twelve years.  Despite her good service, she was selected for termination, rather than younger, less qualified employees, during a reduction in force.  After a lawsuit was filed, the trial judge threw the case out of court before the case got to a jury trial.  Boomer Advocate Dan Norwood appealed the judge's dismissal of the case, got the judge's decision reversed, and the case sent back to the trial court for a trial.  Before the case went trial, the company entered into a confidential settlement of the claim.
  • A pre-lawsuit confidential settlement of $210,500 was obtained in another case for a sixty-two year old Managing Director of an investment firm.  He had worked for the company for four years before being terminated during a reduction in force while a younger, less qualified employee was retained.  The settlement amount paid included a $100,000.00 bonus the employee was due to receive one week after the date of his termination if he had not been terminated.
  • A pre-lawsuit confidential settlement of $185,000.00 was obtained for a fifty-four year old who had been Director of Plant Operations for eight and a half years for a manufacturing company after he was let go during a reduction in force instead of a younger, less qualified employee.

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