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Required to Work in a Hostile Work Environment Because of Age Discrimination

An employee is required to work in a work environment that has become hostile in an effort to try to bully them into retiring or resigning

  • A confidential pre-lawsuit settlement was obtained for a sixty-one year old female who had a thirty-nine year spotless work record until she started getting bullied by her boss to try to force her to quit..  As part of the settlement, she received compensation equal to six months of pay and benefits and retired with a commendation letter from the Chief Human Resources Officer of the hospital for her many years of loyal and dedicated service.
  • A confidential pre-lawsuit settlement for $94,000.00 was obtained for a sixty-six year old female Customer Service Representative who had a seventeen year spotless work record with a manufacturing company.  Despite her good record, she was called into a meeting and told her job was being eliminated.  She was then offered a severance package and a box to put her personal items in leave.  She was told that if she did not accept the severance package, she would have “no job and no money.”  After she left, an employee in her mid-twenties started immediately performing her job.

Dan Norwood

For over thirty-eight years attorney Dan Norwood has represented employees and groups of employees who have been unlawfully discriminated against or who have faced retaliation for exercising their legal rights. Known as the “Giant Killer” since being featured in a 1987 Memphis Magazine cover stor...

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